Core Networking courses: Take a minimum of 9 credits

Theory courses: Take a minimum of 3 credits

  • CSC 505 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSC 565 - Graph Theory
  • CSC/ECE 579 - Computer Performance Modeling
  • CSC/ECE 776 - Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks
  • CSC/ECE 777 - Telecommunications Network Design
  • ECE 766 - Signal Processing for Communications and Networking

Graduate Orientation: Required of all students

    CNC (MSCN - CSC) students must take CSC 600 - Graduate Orientation for CSC students
    CNE (MSCN - ECE) students must take ECE 600 - Graduate Orientation for ECE students

700-level course requirements

    At least 6 credits of the minimum 31 credits required for graduation should be 700-level courses.

Networking tracks: Take a minimum 18 credits

    For the non-thesis option, take a minimum of 18 credits from the courses listed below. You may substitute up to 3 credits with an independent study (CSC 630 for CNC students, and ECE 634 for CNE students).

    For the thesis option, you may substitute up to six credits with thesis work (CSC 695 for CNC students, and ECE 695 for CNE students).

    For your guidance, courses have been grouped in the following four networking tracks: Networking Design, Network Hardware, Network Software, and Networking Services. For completeness, some or all the core networking and theory courses listed above are also included in the tracks. Double counting of these courses is not allowed. You may choose to focus in one of these tracks, or you may take courses across the four tracks.

    Subject to approval by your advisor, you may take other courses from the pool of CSC and ECE courses not listed here and also courses from other departments. You may also take up to 3 credits from the list of Business courses given below, and up to 6 credits of additional Business courses with approval by your advisor.

    For CNE students, prior approval from Dr. Sichitiu is required for ECE special topics (ECE 592) or CSC special topics (CSC 591) and if you want to have them counted towards graduation. For CNC students, prior approval from Dr. Perros is required for ECE special topics (ECE 592) if you want to have it counted towards graduation.

(a) Networking Design Track

(b) Network Hardware Track

  • CSC/ECE 506 - Architecture of Parallel Computers
  • ECE 515 - Digital Communications
  • ECE 520 - Digital ASIC Design
  • ECE 521 - Computer Design and Technology
  • ECE 523 - Photonics and Optical Communications
  • ECE 546 - VLSI System Design
  • CSC/ECE 570 - Computer Networks
  • CSC/ECE 573 - Internet Protocols
  • ECE/CSC 575 - Introduction to Wireless Networking
  • CSC/ECE 576 - Networking Services: QoS, Signaling, Processes
  • ECE 582 - Wireless Communications Systems
  • ECE 706 - Advanced Parallel Computer Architecture
  • ECE 733 - Digital Electronics
  • ECE 745 - ASIC Verification
  • ECE 761 - Design Automation for VLSI
  • ECE 766 - Signal Processing for Communications and Networking
  • ECE 785 - Topics in Advanced Computer Design

(c) Network Software Track

(d) Networking Services Track

Business courses: Take up to 3 credits and up to 6 additional credits with approval from your advisor

  • MBA 541 - Supply Chain Relationships (Fall, Spring)
  • MBA 542 - Supply Chain Logistics (Fall, Spring)
  • MBA 543 - Planning and Control Systems (Fall, Spring)
  • MBA 553 - Business Process Analysis and Design (Fall/Spring)
  • MBA 554 - Project Management (Summer, Fall, Spring)
  • MBA 576 - Technology Evaluation and Commercialization Concepts (Fall)
  • MBA 577 - High Technology Entrepreneurship (Spring)
  • BUS 590 - Management Foundations (Fall, Spring)